Kim Sprenger is this week’s Prep Athlete

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Kim Sprenger
MOSCOW, ID - Many young athletes play sports in hopes of it becoming a career someday, some play because it's the cool thing to do, today we meet a young lady who plays basketball and soccer not just because she loves it, but because of how much it means to her father who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Let's meet someone with a huge heart, this week's P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week, Moscow High Senior, Kim Sprenger.

Moscow high senior Kim Sprenger is a point guard on her basketball team, but this year has been playing as a post. Does she have any preference?

"I would say, I like to play point guard ‘cause I know how to play it, but if I could, I’d prefer to play post," said Sprenger.

Kim is also a soccer player, and a full time student, where she focuses hard in the classroom.

"I have a 3.8 cumulative, so, trying to keep that up right now," said Sprenger.

She has an interesting favorite class.

"Painting,” said Sprenger. “Painting class. Yes, and I like world lit. I just like learning about that kinda stuff. And writing, I like to write."

This being her last year in high school, she will have big some decisions to make pretty soon.

"Kind of all back and forth, I don't know if I wanna play soccer or just see where I end up going, but I have been looking at schools in California and schools in Utah and kinda all over," said Sprenger.

And wherever she goes, she'd want to major in business.

"Yeah, my dad owns his own business so I kinda want to, I've learned growing up in a business," said Sprenger.

She's thought about one day opening up a restaurant. What kind of food?

"Sandwiches, or pizza, I love pizza," said Sprenger.

As for her heroes, one specific person comes to mind.

"My dad, he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease three years ago and has been fighting that ever since and has been my number one fan," said Sprenger.

One way she helps him? Making him proud as an athlete.

"Playing basketball, he's all about this, and soccer, he loves to watch me play, he hasn't missed a game I think," said Sprenger.

Well I'm sure he's proud to know that his daughter, Moscow High senior Kim Sprenger, is this week's P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week!

"I'm honored, I guess, I had no idea but it's cool,” said Sprenger. “I've never been before so..."

We hope you enjoyed meeting Kim Sprenger this evening.
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