Djokovic wins Wimbledon Men's semi-final match-up

Djokovic wins Wimbledon Men's semi-final match-up
LEWISTON, ID - Tennis fans are having their Christmas right now as Wimbledon finishes an exciting semi-finals.

Number one ranked Novak Djokovic taking on number eight Juan Martin del Potro on the beautiful grass courts of Wimbledon in a four-plus hour, semi-final match-up.

Third set, Djokovic serving in a tie-breaker game and hits this sweet shot of Del Potro's return. He would end up winning this tie-breaker and take a 2-1 set lead.

Speaking of sweet shots, fourth set, Del Potro rocks this forehand to save match point and would end up winning the tie-breaker and set.

Fifth set in a 2-2 match, let's get you one more sweet shot...a great rally going on between the two, Djokovic hits a cross court shot that doesn't look returnable but Del Potro hits the amazing return to win the point, and Djokovic not happy with himself...

But despite that, it would be Djokovic who wins the day as he claps for Del Potro on a well-played match. Djokovic will play fan-favorite Andy Murray in the Wimbledon men's final on Sunday.