Will the Bengals winning streak continue in annual rivalry matchup

Will the Bengals winning streak continue in annual rivalry matchup »Play Video
Bengals have won River Rivalry the last five years
LEWISTON, ID - Before we get to the actual game, we learn from both teams how much this game means to the valley, up first is the team who has the advantage record-wise.

And that would be the 1-0 Lewiston Bengals who, through playing some good defense, were able to notch their first win of the season last week. They got the win with a 14-5 win over Lakeland, only scoring on a kick return and a fumble recovery in the opponent's end zone. With that game behind them, the Bengals are now focused on the biggest rivalry game of the year, and they know that bragging rights are at stake!

"This is huge, you know,” said Lewiston High School Head Football Coach Shawn Nilsson. “I play golf up at Bryden Canyon Golf Course and there are guys that graduated in the 60's, 70's, and they're talking about the Lewiston Clarkston game and they still remember how many yards they gained, or at least they tell a story about how many yards they gained. So it's bragging rights for these kids, it's huge for them. I didn't grow up here so you don't get the, you know, I’ve coached here for 20-some years so I understand what it's about but it's a big deal for the players and it's a big deal for us as coaches so it's bragging rights for the year."

And with the Bengals having won the past five years in a row, the bragging rights are with them right now, something the Bantams are hoping to change this year