Waller uses both physical & mental endurance as wrestler

Waller uses both physical & mental endurance as wrestler
CLARKSTON, WA - Jacob Waller is this week's P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week.

Wrestling at 195 pounds, Clarkston senior Jacob Waller can take down or pin pretty much any opponent that comes his way.

Wrestling is a sport that not only requires an athlete to be tough physically but mentally as well, leading Clarkston senior Jacob Waller to believe it's one of the toughest sports around.

"You have to fight through the fatigue, mentally, and be able to do some fairly technical moves," said Waller.

Competing in wrestling for the last six years, it was a sport he got into on a whim.

"Nobody in my family really wrestled, it was just kind of something I tried and I liked," said Waller.

Not only does he like it but he's good at it. As a sophomore he placed eighth at state and so far this year, the season has been going well.

"I won the Enterprise tournament, took third at Othello and then I took second to the same kid I lost to at Othello in the Mac Classic which is a 35 team tournament," said Waller.

When he's not on the mat, he's focusing on school, admitting some subjects are better than others.

"I'm a good student," said Waller. "I like history. There's some classes I like a lot more than others of course but I don't know, I do my homework and show up on time, most of the time."

Despite his hard work and success he's humble, saying he's not the only one working hard in both athletics and school.

"A lot of hours go into wrestling, and it's a lot of hard work," said Waller. "I mean there's guys on my team that work as hard as I do. It's just a lot of hard work goes into wrestling."

And that hard work continues to pay off as he placed second in the first annual Battle at Beasley this past weekend making Jacob Waller this week's P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week.