EWU beats WSU at 4 on 4 Men's Ice Hockey Game

EWU beats WSU at 4 on 4 Men's Ice Hockey Game »Play Video
EWU win 30 to 10 against the Cougs.
LEWISTON, ID - The crowd came out in force Saturday night as WSU took on Eastern Washington in a Four on Four Ice Hockey event.

The ice rink quickly heated up as both teams served up some hard hits, and blocked some hard shots. First period, EWU number eight with the puck, takes the shot, but wow look at that WSU goalie Jessica McGaettigan lays out blocking the EWU point.

Now second period four to two Cougars trailing but look at this, Shayne Barrett nice breakaway, and the point is good. And that's not enough for number 90, nice move again, as he splits the defense heads straight to the goal, falls down and still able to make it.

Eastern Washington now, nice break away and Sloan takes the shot it's good. EWU beats the Cougs 13 to 10.

Proceeds from this event benefited L-C Youth Hockey and WSU Hockey.