WSU Basketball Men’s, Women’s coaches discuss upcoming season

WSU Basketball Men’s, Women’s coaches discuss upcoming season »Play Video
Washington State University Basketball is back!
PULLMAN, WA - WSU fans are already excited at the big turnaround with their football program this year, so we wonder how their basketball teams will do.

The Washington State University Men's and Women's Basketball programs have both started back up and are looking strong already. Both have played one game, including an exhibition for the men, though both of those games were against teams that many would consider lesser teams compared to Pac-12 teams.

The Cougar men beat Central Washington 93 - 56 last Friday night while the women took down Master's College 94 - 47 last Wednesday. Women's Head coach June Daugherty talks about the depth of her team while Men's Head coach Ken Bone discusses how his team's defense will improve and make things easier.

"I think once we get out and get comfortable and trust our teammates, that they got our back when we get beat," said WSU Men's Basketball Head Coach, Ken Bone. "That we'll get out and pressure the ball a little bit more and do a much better job denying that reversal."

"This is a very talented core of two and three players so it's a great place to be in as a coaching staff right now," said WSU Women's Basketball Head coach, June Daugherty. "We just want to make sure we're playing hard as a coaching staff and we can play quality minutes for all four of those players."

The women will next play this Sunday at home against Syracuse at 1 p.m. while the men will play this Friday at home against Cal State Bakersfield with a 1 p.m. tip-off.