WSU Cougar football team is making big strides

WSU Cougar football team is making big strides  »Play Video
Cougar football is evolving at spring scrimmages.
PULLMAN, WA - We may be a few months away from the first meaningful football game, but that doesn't mean the intensity of early Spring practices isn't there.

The Washington State Cougars football team is making big strides on both sides of the ball, and it is really starting to show since the beginning of Spring practices. We may not have a starting quarterback yet, but regardless, Head Coach Mike Leach is saying more and more positive things about his offense and defense each practice. Each time the team gets together, it seems one side of the ball wins the day, but in Thursday's practice, coach Leach breaks down who really won.

Leach says, "The defense I thought dominated the day but they didn't dominate team," said Leach. "Offense won team, defense won skill."

We will all have a big chance to see which side of the ball has evolved the most at Saturdays scrimmage at 10a.m.