LCSC Volleyball huge potential and experience

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LCSC Volleyball team is ready for the new season
LEWISTON, ID - The LCSC Volleyball program has become a powerhouse in the Frontier Conference, and each year more and more fans come out to see the Warrior Women dominate the competition.

After a disappointing exit from the Frontier Conference Tournament last year, the Warriors are out for revenge as they begin a season with so much promise.

All college teams lose prominent players every year, but also gain young athletes with tons of upside. The LCSC volleyball team is no different as they begin their 2014 season.

"With the returning players and incoming players, there's huge, I would say, potential and also experience," said LCSC Head Volleyball Coach Latoya Harris.

As for the team, excited would be an understatement.

"This year, I'm super excited," said Outside Hitter Treneisha Doyle. "We have a super good team, girls are nice, we have a super good team, everybody works hard and I'm just super excited. I know we're going to do ten times better than we did last year. It's gonna be awesome."

"I think we have eight new girls, so, so far it's been really good the few days we've been here," said Middle-Back Chelsea Strong. "But like every year we've been here we've all been close so it's good to see what this team has this year."

In Coach Harris' fourth season at the helm, she is thrilled to see her veterans stepping it up.

"Leadership is in all areas and positions so I don't have to tell them some things," said Harris. "They know what they need to do and their coachable and they coach themselves."

And those veteran leaders have a special bond with each other.

"I think the thing I've enjoyed the most is how close we are and how close everybody around the school is and like all the athletic programs we're all super close, we all hang out with each other all the time and everybody's really, really nice," said Doyle.

"They're just a family, we all get along, play great, they're just kinda like sisters," said Strong.

The Warriors were recently ranked second in the Frontier Conference Preseason Poll behind rival Rocky Mountain, something the team has mixed feelings about.

"Preseason is what it is, we have to show it on the court, you know, everybody wants to be first, it's just who shows up when it counts," said Harris.

"I would like to be number one, we just gotta prove that we were supposed to be number one, so I think we just gotta come out strong," said Strong.

"Yeah, it means war," said Doyle. "We're ready to be number one, number two is no good, no good in our program,"

No matter where they are ranked, however, these girls are ready to take the volleyball world by storm.

"We're gonna win every home game, so if you guys are in Lewiston come to every home game, we're gonna rock it and I'm just really excited, we're gonna do really well," said Doyle.

"I'm ready to win, we're ready to prove ourselves that we should be number one and conference champs, so I'm excited to see what we can do this year," said Strong.

"Excited," asked Harris. "Oh, beyond, beyond, ready for it and I know they are too."

LCSC volleyball fans will be able to see their first game action when the Warriors take on themselves in the blue versus red intra-squad scrimmage on August 16th at 6:00 p.m.