Vandals offensive line continues to impress and improve

Vandals offensive line continues to impress and improve
MOSCOW, ID – It was a big question heading into this season for the University of Idaho, just who would be in the offensive line and how would they perform?

While there has been a small rotation of players due to injuries, the “fat five” as head coach Robb Akey affectionately calls them, has been anchored by sophomore Mike Marboe and has performed above expectations. Twice this season they have not allowed a sack on quarterback Dominique Blackman.

According to Akey, consistency has been key. However, both Akey and Marboe agree that there is still work to be done.

“They’re doing a great job operating as a wall, as a unit of five,” said Akey. “That has to continue to be the case and continue finishing things that they do. There’s a lot that can continued to be learned. There’s some youth in that group that has gained a lot of experience and there’s a lot more to be gained.”

“One thing we’ve struggled with, everybody knows, is blocking movement,” said Marboe. “Guys move on us so we’ve got to work on that. Texas State, that’s what they do. Their base stuff is they like to move their d-line, they’re pretty fast, so that’s a big focus this week.”

In comparison between the two teams, Marboe and company have allowed only eight sacks on Blackman while the Bobcats defense has only registered three sacks total on the year.