Vandal fandemonium takes over Lewiston

Vandal fandemonium takes over Lewiston
LEWISTON, ID - On Monday, the Lewiston members of Vandal Nation took part in the third annual Vandal Fandemonium.

Fans were treated to some dinner, some prizes, and the chance to chat with head coach Robb Akey, his staff, and athletic director Rob Spear.

With football season right around the corner, the question on everybody's mind is the future of the program. Both Rob Spear and Robb Akey had very similar messages.

"What we can control is the product we put on the football field and the court," said Spear. "We're going to continue to be successful and that will take care of itself."

"We get to control this season and what we do about this season," said Akey. "The powers that be are working their tails off to get us our new home and they're working day and night to make that happen. It' going to work itself out the way it needs to. We're going to focus on doing the best we can with this season and I think we've got a chance to make some great things happen."

Vandal fans of all ages were excited by tonight's events including seven year old Brayden Rice.

"I just want to say root for the Vandals in all the games," said Rice.