U of I running backs battle to be number one

U of I running backs battle to be number one »Play Video
We don’t know yet who will be selected for starting running back.
MOSCOW, ID - While we carefully watch the QB battle going on in Moscow, another battle is going on in the backfield.

Though there will always be some form of rotation, the University of Idaho's running backs are all running hard to be number one on the depth chart. Despite the fact there are eight running backs on the roster at this moment, it looks like four of them will have the best chance of taking the one-spot and getting mixed into the rotation.

They include senior Kris Olugbode, senior Jerrell Brown, freshman Aaron Duckworth, and junior Elijhaa Penny. The latter of that group is one of the many junior college transfers that Coach Petrino brought in over the off-season.

"Its been a tough transition transferring from a junior college to a division-one school but I feel like I've been adapting well," said running back Elijhaa Penny. "I just gotta learn a few things as far as taking care of my body better than I have in the past and just continue playing tough like Petrino wants us to."

Though we don't know who or when a starting running back will be named, we do know that the vandals will be back on the practice field tomorrow at nine-a-m and four-p-m.