U of I Vandal Football hold first Fall Scrimmage

U of I Vandal Football hold first Fall Scrimmage »Play Video
Petrino wants to see both sides of the ball play well.
MOSCOW, ID - We're just over two weeks away from the college football season, and the Vandals gave us a preview of what we have to look forward to.

Saturday morning, the Idaho football team held their first Scrimmage of the fall as the Vandals took themselves on for locker room bragging rights. Looking at the tight quarterback battle, sophomore Chad Chalich finished the day with 93 yards on eight of 16 passing while red shirt freshman Matt Linehan threw for 276 yards on a 20-of-39 outing. On the receiving end of those passes, Deon Watson had six grabs for 86 yards with Jacob Sannon pulling in four for 108 and two TD's. Ttight end Jared Klingenberg also had two touchdowns with the other passing scores going to quarterback-turned-receiver Joshua McCain and running back/receiver Richard Montgomery. Overall, it was a productive scrimmage.

"You know I thought it was good, I thought there was some good things early on," said Head Coach Paul Petrino. "I thought the offense kinda kicked the defense's, and came after them and scored a lot of touchdowns. Then in the middle, the defense came back and really got after the offense and that's good, you really wanna see both sides of the ball play well. We just gotta get more, where it's 50-50. There were a lot of things that were encouraging, and now we just gotta keep improving."

"I felt it went really good," said Idaho Football receiver, Josh McCain. "We had a couple mistakes but we're gonna correct it over the next couple weeks. Come out strong, correct them. So we'll be alright."

The Vandals began their first two-a-day Monday as they practiced at 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 Monday afternoon. They'll scrimmage again this Saturday morning at ten.