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Troy Trojans dominate Genesee 52-6

Troy Trojans dominate Genesee 52-6
GENESEE, ID - A rainy night in Genesee, actually everywhere, but Genesee too, as powerhouse Troy came to town.

Genesee tries to kick a long onside kick...and that didn't work, Troy gets the ball.

Troy's ball now...quarter back Cody Self tosses up a pass intended for Clint Sandquist...it bounces off the helmet of a Genesee defender...and falls to the ground...what a catch that would have been, huh?

Finally, we see one reason why Troy is so dominant...Clint Sandquist is gonna take this ball along the right sideline, then make a great cut to the left to fly across the field, eventually hit the pylon, and for some reason is called out of bounds at the one...wouldn't matter though, Troy scores on the next play...And they would go on to dominate a very good Genesee team 52-6.
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