Triple Crown Racing featured a plethora of daredevil drivers

Triple Crown Racing featured a plethora of daredevil drivers
LEWISTON, ID – Saturday was a great time to bust out your old trucks and toss them in the mud…while driving them, of course.

The Lewiston Roundup Grounds was once again home to the Les Schwab Tires Triple Crown Racing event featuring a plethora of daredevil drivers, big trucks and ATV’s, and a whole lot of mud.

What you see here was one of many Mud Bog events, where racers flew around a muddy track trying to out-race their opponent.

Congrats to Klayt Kinyon on winning the V-8 Mudbog, Tyler Snyder for the 6-Cylinder, and Wayne Berg for the 4-Cylinder.

Other winners included Kaleb Rokstad with the ATV Off-Road and John Jackson for the Tough Trucks.

Despite the summer heat, attendance was still pretty high!

“It’s pretty good,” said Race Organizer Eric Christiansen! “We’re doing a break right now so it’s kind’ hard to tell. A lot of them are out getting curly fries and beer. But, yeah, it looks pretty good, we’re pretty happy with the crowd.”

The Next major vehicle event being held at the Roundup Grounds will be the Demolition Derby on the 10th of August, so mark your calendars now!