Toomer adjusting to life in the NFL

Toomer adjusting to life in the NFL »Play Video
RENTON, WA - From new coaches to new teammates and even a new playbook, the transition from college football to the NFL can be a rough one.

While the move, location wise, wasn't a big adjustment for former Idaho linebacker Korey Toomer, learning the Seahawks playbook might seem to be a daunting task. However, Toomer said his new teammates are helping him learn the ropes.

"A lot of the guys, I'm getting in there and talking to them about what I need to learn," said Toomer. "Just making sure I get in my playbook and learning a lot so when I get out there it's making it easy for me. So it's going well so far."

Mini-camp for Toomer and the rest of the Seahawks continues on Wednesday and wraps up on Thursday.