Thunder on the Snake will do mass starts

Thunder on the Snake will do mass starts
LEWISTON, ID - We sure do see a good amount of motor sports here in the Valley, and we can now add another one to the list, though this one is in the water.

The Thunder on the Snake kicks off Saturday, but before we get cruising, the contestants naturally have to show off their beautiful rides, hence the ‘Show and Shine’ event that took place at the Clearwater River Casino Friday night.

Racers showed of their boats from all four classes of racers; including unlimited, A-Class, CX, and FX. By the way, the two unlimited boats racing can reach speeds of almost 140 miles per hour!

We’ve got some excited racers out there!

“We’re going to do mass starts, so we’re going to start each class all together,” said Pure Insanity Driver Ryan Rogers. “So it will be fun to watch throughout down in the lower more open areas.”

“We raced Worlds last year in 2012, but we didn’t race this section of the water, but the different flows, change the river all the time,” said Racer Grady White.

“A lot of the rapids that we see right now, they weren’t there during the Worlds because there was so much flow, and so we kind of had to relearn the entire last two days” said Racer Shay White.

Make sure to get to Hell’s Gate State Park Saturday at 10:00 a.m. for the first launch of the Thunder on the Snake!