Teigen looks to lead the youth of Asotin's Cross Country team.

Teigen looks to lead the youth of Asotin's Cross Country team. »Play Video
ASOTIN, WA – Being the younger brother of a star athlete can sometimes lead to high expectations, but if it wasn’t for Chase, Chandler Teigen would not being running cross country for Asotin High School.

Heading into his sophomore season with the Panthers, Chandler knew that summer conditioning would help him out perform the competition.

“Well it really helps you get ready for the first couple of races,” said Teigen. “And it gives you an edge over the competition who doesn’t put in anything over the summer. Instead of starting a week before the season, you start several months before the season.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. It was his summer practicing and conditioning that helped Chandler to a record setting performance at the Asotin Cross Country Island Run. The previous record holder was his older brother Chase.

Chandler beat brother’s time by seven seconds and said it has yet to be discussed between the two.

“To be honest, there was no conversation,” said Teigen. “I didn’t bring it up and I really didn’t want to. Unless he wanted to talk about it I wasn’t going to talk to him about it.”

Now that Chase has graduated, the Asotin team is mainly comprised of sophomores and juniors. Chandler said that the team’s youth will benefit the Panthers throughout this season.

“Instead of having on high finisher and a bunch of lower finishers at the state meet, we’re going to have a lot of high finishers,” said Teigen. “I think we’ll do a lot better at the state meet and that’s one of my goals is to do better at the districts and state.”