No fear to grab prize money at Smash Bash Demolition Derby

No fear to grab prize money at Smash Bash Demolition Derby »Play Video
Trucks and cars battle for $8,000 in prize money.
LEWISTON, ID - Motorsports fans, if you were in the L-C Valley this past weekend, you may have seen arguably the most fun event of the year.

The cars and trucks took no mercy on each other at the Les Schwab Tires Smash Bash Demolition Derby inside the Lewiston Roundup Grounds Saturday night.

Four different classes of automobile competed in figure-eight racing and the Demolition Derby main event with hopes of winning big cash and a ton of pride.

Looking at the winners in the figure-eight championships, Kyle Hays would win the full-sized car, Jake Carlton took the compact car, Kyle Southern took first in the compact truck, while Anthony Widmier won the full-sized truck.

In the actual Demolition Derby championships, Cory Quinn won the full-sized car, Michael Ringle won the compact car, Nick Spring won the compact truck, Chad Curry took the full-sized truck, and Keith Hepburn received the 'Best in Show' award.

The event had a huge turnout.

"Oh this is awesome," said Demolition Derby Coordinator, Eric Christiansen. "This just blows it up once again. You know, L-C Valley and surrounding areas are motor sports fans, and that's awesome. Couldn't be more pleased."

While this was the last Demolition Derby of the season, the last motorsports event will be the Lewiston Supercross on September 27th. We'll see you there!