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Sandpoint comes away with the win over Moscow Bears 21-14

Sandpoint comes away with the win over Moscow Bears 21-14
MOSCOW, ID - The Moscow Bears and Sandpoint Bulldogs each had a touchdown when I got there, which was about a minute into the second quarter.

Sandpoint is looking good at the start of the second. Quarterback Nate Loutzenhiser (19) takes the snap and makes a beautiful pass to Chase Rodriguez (13). Bulldogs get a first down.

A couple plays later, it's another great pass from Loutzenhiser. It's caught by Matthew Timothy way down the field.

A few plays later and they keep working their way down the field until they're just a few yards away from the goal line. 19 passes it back to Carson Paull (3), who runs up the middle for the touch down. The extra point is good, and that put Sandpoint in the lead at 14-7.

Moscow puts up a good fight…sort of. Jake Clark (15) takes the snap and chucks it down the field. Eric Redinger (32) catches it, and Bears get the first down. However, they're not able to do much more than that and the score remained 14-7 Sandpoint at half...and this one is a close one to the end, and Sandpoint comes away with the win, 21-14.
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