Rob Spear talks about Vandals possibly going independent

Rob Spear talks about Vandals possibly going independent »Play Video
Vandals at their first scrimmage.
MOSCOW, ID - The future of Vandal Athletics, especially the football team, remains uncertain. Idaho President Duane Nellis said he hops to make a decision before the start of football season which is just two months away.

Out of all the possibilities, going independent seems to be a popular one. Idaho head football coach Robb Akey has hinted that might be the direction they choose.

While going the independent route seems to be the only hope of keeping Vandals football on the FBS level, athletic director Rob Spear said it's feasible, but not without it's challenges.

"The biggest issue to me is scheduling," said Spear. "And scheduling during the mid-part of the year when you have conferences playing conference play and they're sometimes unwilling to go play a non-conference game. But we really think that we can make it work as we pencil out that we could make it work financially. But it would be dependent on us playing probably three money games to do that."

The Vandals are no stranger to money games. This season they'll take home more than $2 million for games against LSU, North Carolina, BYU, and Bowling Green.

As of right now, they'll generate just under $3 million from games against Mississippi, Florida, and Auburn. In total over the next four season, Idaho will receive more than $5 million from "money games".