Kyson Barden competes in NFL's Punt, Pass and Kick competition

LEWISTON, ID - Kyson Barden is only seven years old but he's already experienced what many can only dream of.

Barden's skills of punting, passing and kicking led him to an amazing opportunity to show off his skills at an NFL field on game day.

"They get one pass, they get one punt, and they get one kick," said mother Michelle Barden. "And that is it and it's over and they move onto the next child."

It was really exciting," said Barden.

Experiencing the game day atmosphere of an NFL game from the field is an experience that most will never experience, but seven-year-old Kyson Barden of Lewiston has done just that.

"I had to go down on the field and throw a football," said Barden.

And although Kyson is good at throwing the football, he's even better at something else.

"Punting, I'm best at it," said Barden.

After winning a local competition in Lewiston, then another in Post Falls, Barden was one of four first place finishers that qualified out of all of Idaho, Washington, Alaska, Oregon and Montana, that got to compete at the Seahawks facility in the NFL's Punt, Pass and Kick competition. To get ready for this experience, he turned to his dad.

"He watches lots of football and I think he used to play football when he was young," said Barden. "We went out and we practiced on this field and I practiced hard."

All his effort obviously paid off as Kyson took the field this past Sunday with the Seattle Seahawks to receive his second place award for a combined punt, pass and kick total of 123 feet 7 inches. What this means for Kyson's future in football is yet to be determined, but there's one thing he knows for sure.

"I like football a lot," said Barden.

Barden said getting to see the Seahawks facility was one of the coolest things he's ever done and plans on participating in the competition again next year.