Big Bull Tour of professional riders at PBR Les Schwab Tires Chute Out

Big Bull Tour of professional riders at PBR Les Schwab Tires Chute Out
LEWISTON, ID - Fans of rodeos typically enjoy one event more than the rest, and that's the bull riding, where it becomes man versus beast, a true battle of survival.

With that being said, the LC Valley will be getting it's first taste of the professional bull riders as they invade the Lewiston Roundup Grounds this weekend.

The Lewiston Roundup grounds look dead right now, but come this weekend, it will be jam packed with extreme action like this. The PBR's Les Schwab Tires Chute Out is coming to town for the first time ever as they continue their nationwide tour.

"We travel basically twelve months out of the year," said PBR Announcer Matt West. "We're in a different city about every weekend, and this is part of the Pro Tour Division which is a qualifying event for our televised tour."

How many riders are part of the PBR?

"There's thousands of guys out there that want to be a world champion but on the top 35 are going to get to Vegas," said West.

And what happens in Vegas? What happens that doesn't stay there that is?

"Las Vegas is our world series, our super bowl, the PBR World Finals," said West. "It happens in October and the absolute best of the best, the top 35 bull riders and the top bulls in the world meet there...and we'll crown a million dollar world champ."

PBR entertainer Matt Merritt thrives off the crowd's energy, so make sure you get loud!

"If we go out there and have fun, genuinely have fun, it becomes contagious and everyone can join right in with us and it's just kinda' like a big party," said Merritt.

And what is the best part of entertaining in between the bull rides?

"Whenever you look in the audience and you see people smiling and you realize that those people, for that moment, they're not worried at all about their bills," said Merritt. "They're not worried about any sickness or illness or any problems in their life, they're having fun and you kinda feel like you're doing your job."

Beautifully put, so all-in-all, why should folks come down to see the bull riding?

"Don't be the person on Sunday that wishes they were here on Friday and Saturday night because it doesn't matter if you're the casual fan," said West. "You're going to enjoy the energy, you're going to enjoy the entertainment. If you're a die-hard rodeo fan, you're going to enjoy the true essence of the sport that comes along with it. That's why this all started with the sport man versus beast."

"They'll be good rides, they'll probably be some good wrecks," said Merritt. "So no matter what you're into, if you're a fan of the bull, if you're a fan of the cowboy, if you're just a person who likes to have a good time. We're going to have something for every age group, and we're going to pack it into two hours and give you a good time."

The PBR Les Schwab Tires Chute Out being presented by Kendall Dodge will be held this Friday and Saturday night at 7:30 at the Lewiston Roundup Grounds. Tickets are $20 each and are available at extremetix-dot-com, so be sure to get yours and head on down.