Petrino determined to rebuild Vandal program

Petrino determined to rebuild Vandal program »Play Video
Paul Petrino.
MOSCOW, ID - Paul Petrino is in place and the rebuilding of the Vandal program has started.

Petrino was officially introduced on Monday and has addressed his team. He spent Monday night reviewing hours of Vandal footage and is starting to set up his staff that he believes will take the Vandals to the top. With the fall of the WAC as a football-playing conference, Idaho will play as an independent in 2013, but Petrino said that won't be permanent. He referenced that, at one point, Idaho beat Mac Champion Northern Illinois University, a team that this year is in a BCS bowl game, leaving no excuse for the Vandals not to reach the same level of success.

"We want to stay FBS, that's something we've talked about," said Petrino. "We're going to have an independent schedule next year and we're gonna go out and do our very best to be very successful with that independent schedule. And I think as you see people going from the big east to the ACC from conference USA to the big east, there's going to be so many different conferences moving around that we just have to go out and put a good product on the field and we'll put ourselves in a great position to end up in a conference."

Petrino said his number one goal is to get better everyday, and that will start right away with recruiting.