Olmstead prefers the battle in the trenches

Olmstead prefers the battle in the trenches
MOSCOW, ID – When most young boys decide they want to play football they dream of being the start quarterback, catching the game winning touchdown as a wide receiver, or even coming up with that last key defensive stop as a linebacker.

For Bo Olmstead, it’s about reading the defense and calling out protection as the center for the Moscow Bears.

“I’ve been playing center since ninth grade,” said Olmstead. “We’ve been going over that about every day in practice so I’m getting better.”

Practice makes perfect and that’s something Bo has focused on during his entire career at Moscow. While playing center may not have the highest appeal to young athletes, Bo said it’s about keeping his teammates safe.

“I just like protecting my teammates,” said Olmstead. “Like my step-brother Kyle Snyder, the quarterback, and my best friend Brady Braun, the running back. I just like protecting them and doing what I can to help them out.”

What happens on the field stays on the field for most teammates, but you have to wonder, when Kyle gets sacked during a game, does Bo hear about it when he gets home?

“I don’t hear about it,” said Olmstead. “I’m mad myself when he gets sacked. I don’t really hear about it from him, he knows I’m doing all I can to help out.”

A record of 1-5 is not the way any high school athlete wants to start their senior year. That doesn’t bother Bo all that much. It’s more about playing the game he loves with all of his friends.”

“Well our record has been like a roller coaster but it’s been fun all the way around,” said Olmstead. “The losing record sucks but it’s still fun to be out there on the field with all my friends.”