New events on day three of the Senior Games

New events on day three of the Senior Games »Play Video
Competition and companionship at the Senior Games
LEWISTON, ID - Day three of four of the Senior Games introduced a few new events and the competition is getting serious.

Friday's day of events featured three events, one of which is arguably the most intense of the games, and that's pickleball. It's kind of a cross between tennis and badminton, and these players put their all into it. The other events included shuffleboard and a 10-K and 5-K bike ride, which was almost cancelled due to the early morning weather. One of the beautiful things about the senior games, and pickleball specifically in this case, is competition comes second to companionship.

"This is the best little tournament in the world,” said Senior Games competitor Jan Johnson. “It's such a social, fun game and the people are fantastic. If you go out and wanted to learn, somebody would stop playing, they'd give you a paddle, and they'd start telling you how to do it."

There really are some great people competing in the senior games. Saturday's final day of events will include more pickleball, swimming, track and field, and shuffleboard.