Last weekend upsets for mens NCAA bracket

Last weekend upsets for mens NCAA bracket
LEWISTON, ID - Now taking a look at the NCAA championship men's bracket, most of you were probably pretty angry at many of the results you saw from the weekend.

So let's take a look at the upsets that probably destroyed your bracket, starting with the south where eleven-seed Dayton somehow beat three-seed Syracuse with a 55-53 win.

Also in the south, probably an even bigger upset as ten-seed Stanford takes down the mighty number two seed Kansas 60-57. Dayton and Stanford will meet in a sweet sixteen matchup this Thursday.

In the east, another two-seed is gone as number seven Connecticut plays it's heart out and takes down Villanova 77-65. They'll take on three-seed Iowa State on Friday.

Over to the west, how about adding insult to upset...three-seed Creighton all-out destroys six-seed Baylor 85-55. They play number two-seed Wisconsin on Thursday.

And finally in the midwest, down goes a one-seed as Wichita State loses to eight-seed Kentucky 78-76! They'll play number four Louisville on Friday.

Lastly, just for regional fans, it wasn't an upset, but unfortunately, number eight Gonzaga was knocked out of the tournament by one-seed Arizona, 84-61.