Morning game scheduled for WSU Cougars at Arizona

Morning game scheduled for WSU Cougars at Arizona »Play Video
Kickoff is Saturday 11a.m. for WSU game in Arizona.
PULLMAN, WA - The Cougar Football team has seen a lot in the various games they've played this season, but one thing they haven't seen is the morning.

Though there are a few technicalities to this statement, the Washington State Football team will play it's first and only morning game of the season when it plays at Arizona this Saturday. The game has a scheduled 11 a.m. pacific time start, and as for the technicality, Tucson, Arizona where the Wildcats play, is in the mountain time zone. Which means a noon kickoff for those living in that region. Either way, it's the earliest the Cougs have played a game this season, which is something Coach Leach hasn't really been too concerned with.

"Uh yeah, I guess you get up earlier, you know," said Leach. "Get up earlier and do a walk through or something, I don't know, we'll have to see."

The 6-3 Arizona Wildcats will be wide awake for their game against the Cougs on Saturday after having lost a close one to UCLA last week. As mentioned, kickoff is scheduled for 11a.m. if you live in this area of course.