Deary takes home the White Pine Division II title

Deary takes home the White Pine Division II title »Play Video
Deary 48 Lewis County 0
DEARY, ID - Lewis County taking a trip to the small town of Deary.

Let's start with a Lewis County punt, Deary's Kael Stelck is gonna return this one about 22 yards. Nice play for the Mustangs to set themselves up.

Same drive now, Judah Stelck (72) snaps to quarterback Cody Brown, he hands it off to Par2 Jones who runs it in for a touchdown. I think it was like a 56 yard touchdown, Tyler Anderson (20) catches it in the end zone for the two point conversion. 16-0 Deary

A few plays later, Deary with the ball again. Brown hands the ball to Luke Joslin and he gains some serious yardage, makes it to the 5 yard line. Mustangs run the same play again to score the touchdown. The conversion was no good, and the score was at 22-0 less than half way through the first and Deary would continue to roll as they take it 48-0 and clinch the White Pine Division 2 title.