Lewis-Clark runner Sam Atkin wins NAIA 3000 Championship

Lewis-Clark runner Sam Atkin wins NAIA 3000 Championship
LEWISTON, ID - In the sports world, everyone loves a champion, and the L-C Valley has just produced yet another one.

Lewis-Clark State College distance runner Sam Atkin is the new NAIA champion of the 3000 meter for indoor track and field. The junior from Lincolnshire, England ran the course in 8-minutes and 18.36 seconds, beating last year's winning time by four seconds.

Atkin, who excelled during the cross country season, wasn't sure how he would fair during this year's indoor track and field season due to an injured foot that kept him out of training for a month. Apparently he overcame that injury pretty easily as he describes the end of the race that crowned him as the new champ.

"So I'm striding, getting faster, and I kinda hear some of them trying to catch up to me," said Atkin. "So I kinda put it into another gear and get going again, and I end up winning and the last 50 meters, I look on and I look behind a little bit, and I know I've got the championship, just as I'm going over the line I see my coach and go straight on the team, as I cross the line, so that was a good feeling."

So what's next for Atkin? Right back to the running path, but with spring finally coming around, he'll be with mother nature as the outdoor track and field season begins on March 29th.