Lesson learned, Blackman to start

Lesson learned, Blackman to start
MOSCOW, ID - It's the question with an answer that will more than likely never be made public. Why did Dominique Blackman not play against Eastern Washington?

Vandals head coach Robb Akey has said the situation has been discussed between himself and his quarterback. One could say by that statement, Blackman has learned his lesson.

With whatever that lesson may be, there is even more excitement and anticipation from all involved to see just how the junior signal caller will perform in his first start for the Vandals.

Akey says motivation is something his quarterback isn't lacking and he is ready for him to prove it on the field.

"I hope that there will be a lot of strong motivation in regards to how he's doing to conduct himself," said Akey. "How he's going to perform, how he's going to go about playing. I'm anxious to see him back that up."

Blackman's first start will be against a Bowling Green defense that held a pair of Florida
quarterbacks to just 145 yards and only one passing touchdown.