Lapwai Wildcat boys range gave the team another win

Lapwai Wildcat boys range gave the team another win »Play Video
Lapwai 60, Summit Academy 54
LAPWAI, ID -'s almost over, which is going to make a lot of people upset.

But the good news is that there's a good chance you will be able to see the following team make it deep into the state tournament.
It's the Wildcat boys of Lapwai during their stylish introductions as they prepared to take on the Summit Academy Patriots...very cool intros there.

To the game, the range of Lapwai is what saved the Wildcats anytime they were down in this one...O'Shae Perez with the wide open three there.

But the Patriots had some range too, Michael Waters with the quick stop, hovers into the air...that's three for them.

Lapwai side, good passing followed by patience from Nico Higheagle for the easy lay in.

But Summit shows good transition down court, Matthew Schwartz throws down the beautiful bounce pass to Waters, lays it in and is fouled.

But other side, we once again see Higheagle dish to Lopez who drives inside, that's another two, and yet another win for Lapwai as they beat Summit Academy 60-54.