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Colton Wildcats dominate LaCrosse 78-34 win

Colton Wildcats dominate LaCrosse 78-34 win
COLTON, WA - The cheerleaders getting the crowd pumped up as the Lacrosse Tigercats have come to Colton...and they may wish they hadn't.

Check out this play right here. Tigercat's Stephen Erickson takes the hand-off up the middle, shakes off one tackle, but Colton's Jake Straughan says I'll take that and just yanks the ball out of his hands...just like that, it's Colton's ball.

Feeling like a long run? Well so is Colton's Dillon Frank as he takes the hand-off, cuts around the right side, and turns on the jets for the long touchdown...Colton goes up big 30-6!

Next LaCrosse drive, Chance Rice takes the snap for the Tigercats and would throw up a somewhat deep pass...and it's the Jake Straughan show as he picks this pass off, then takes it down the left side only needing to make one easy move and puts it into the end-zone. And this one isn't even close...Colton all out dominates.
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