LHS Bengals battling for positions at scrimmage

LHS Bengals battling for positions at scrimmage »Play Video
All positions are earned over the next few practices.
LEWISTON, ID - If Oprah was in the northwest right now, she would be giving out position battles because they seem to be everywhere right now!

And one of those teams battling for positions are the Lewiston High Bengals Bootball team. Though the team has roughly 24 seniors returning, Head Coach Shawn Nilsson said that no position is solidified as of yet, and all positions shall be earned over the next few practices, including Saturday morning's scrimmage. One of the beautiful things about two-a-days is weeding out the players who may not work as hard as others.

"Everyone's got a fair shot during double days, obviously there's some returning starters from last year that I expect to hold their spot," said Nilsson. "But you know, if they don't, that means that somebody outworked them so that's good for us."

The competition will continue as long as it needs to with the first game in about two weeks...September sixth at Lakeland. The Bengals will be scrimmaging Saturday morning.