L-C Valley Loggers report for practice at Sunset Park field

L-C Valley Loggers report for practice at Sunset Park field »Play Video
The LC-Valley Loggers purchased a beautiful new charter bus.
LEWISTON, ID - It's only taken 60-plus years, but a team you haven't seen in a very long time is finally starting to come together.

The L-C Valley Loggers Football team has reported for fall ball, and now have a practice field and a sweet ride. Skill position players reported for practice on Thursday at Sunset Park, which has become the official practice facility of the Loggers.

Quarterbacks, receivers, running backs, and member of the defensive secondary were out throwing, catching, running routes, and getting back into the swing of football. As for their ride, the Loggers were able to purchase a beautiful new charter bus that they will be using for all game activity. Coaches and players were in great spirits on day one of fall ball.

"This whole thing started as an opportunity to allow kids in this area to play college football," said QB's Coach Gene Straughan. "And if you hang out with them very long, and even the coaches, you just feel the excitement. And, man it's just an awesome experience for these young men."

"It's going good," said quarterback Trent Line. "We've got some pretty good receivers, great athletes. I think it's gonna be a pretty good season."

"Hopefully we just come out and do what we've been coached up to do," said Robert Roth. "We compete with the teams we play against, we do well for the valley, we get support as well, and just put together a good football team."

The Loggers will get back on the practice field on Tuesday at Sunset Park with all skill position players once again.