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LC Twins and Cubs work their way to Districts

LC Twins and Cubs work their way to Districts
LEWISTON, ID - How about a little more baseball from another collection of area teams?

We're already almost done with Legion ball, and the L-C Twins and Cubs have been thriving under first-year coaches Allen Balmer and Colby Hawk respectively. The Cubs are 23-18 on the season, which include AA teams they played in Boise. Their big turnaround came after a doubleheader loss on July seventh when Coach Hawk and the team went through an intense practice and meeting focusing on their direction. Since then, they're 10 and 0 and swept the Clancy Ellis Tournament. Coach Hawk loves the fight in these kids.

"It's fun man, real good group of kids,working hard, gotta enjoy that, you know?" said Hawk. "Seeing some gains physically and mentally during the games, and it's been fun continuing to watch them grow, and I think we got further than I think we can keep going. Really enjoying the kids though, special group, tough group, and really want to work!"

Both the Cubs and Twins will be headed into districts this week. The Cubs will play Post Falls this Thursday at 7:00 p.m. while the 22-14 Twins will face Coeur d'Alene Thursday at 5:30 p.m.
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