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Kamiah Kubs brought their game to Potlatch against Loggers

Kamiah Kubs brought their game to Potlatch against Loggers
POTLATCH, ID - Potlatch is at home against the Kamiah Kubs,and the Kubs brought their game Friday night.

The Kubs start the first quarter off strong. Quarterback Dalton Snyder gets the ball and makes a quick pass to Chris Pethtel. He's got some room to run and gains about 30 yards.

Kubs have the ball again and Synder makes cross field to Parker Whipple. Kubs are getting closer and closer to a touchdown and Snyder passes down the field to Cody Langston, who makes a nice catch before being tackled by a couple Loggers.

Potlatch gets a hold of the ball later in the first. The ball is snapped to David Amos who makes a run for it but gets taken down by the Kubs defense.

Later on, the Loggers are given another chance to gain some yardage. Amos takes the snap and tries to toss it back to Ronnie Miller, but it slips right out of his hands. Jared Jagow sweeps in for the Kubs and recovers the ball. He rolls right into the end-zone for the first touchdown and score of the game.

The conversion didn't work, putting the score at 6-0, Kamiah. And that score would only get enormous as Kamiah downs Potlatch 50-0!
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