Jake Straughan takes over at QB for his older brother

Jake Straughan takes over at QB for his older brother
COLTON, WA – The quarterback position at Colton High School has seemingly become a family business.

It started with Josh Straughan and it now continues with his younger brother Jake Straughan.

“It’s more of a challenge for me because I take it as he left it there,” said the younger Straughan. “I just got to take off where he left it and that’s all I’ve got to do.”

Where Josh Straughan left the quarterback position at Colton for his younger brother was at a pretty high level. So far Jake doesn’t seem to have any problems filling his older brother’s shoes.

In the Wildcats game against Mullan, the junior signal caller completed 17-passes for 426-yards and 8-touchdowns. He also ran for 110-yards and 2-touchdowns. His success so far this season he credits to the rest of his team.

“Well mostly I just have a great coach staff,” said Straughan. “A great line, my receivers will catch the ball and I’m just doing what the coaches tell me to do.”

Jake has also become a big contributor on the defensive side of the ball. If his offensive numbers against Mullan were not enough, he also had an interception in the Wildcats 74-28 victory.

There is no doubt while playing on both sides of the ball can be fun, it’s also exhausting.

“It sometimes does wear me out,” said Straughan. “But with all the conditioning we do I’m good with it. I’m just glad to get on the field and do whatever I can to help my team win.”

While most players can only dream of consistently putting up numbers like Jake, he isn’t letting that get to his head. At the end of the day, Straughan says it’s all about one thing.

“If we win I don’t care what my stats are,” said Straughan.” As long as we got the ‘W’ at the end of the day.”