Coach Leach focuses on recruiting during off season

Coach Leach focuses on recruiting during off season »Play Video
Coach Mike Leach.
PULLMAN, WA - This is the time of the year when the coaching carousel gets more interesting and wouldn't you know it, Washington State Head Coach Mike Leach's name has popped up.

The excitement of hiring Leach is something Cougar fans are well acquainted with, and it's no surprise other programs would look at him. However it's worth noting that those reports naming him as a candidate are also conflicting. As the carousel continues to turn, Leach seems pretty focused improving the program at WSU.

"Building a program is always pretty rewarding because there's a lot of change," said Leach. "It's always dynamic and you know, the improvement. I mean we just gotta' improve and get better."

Leach and his staff are now concentrating on the off-season and recruiting. He said he is interested in finding recruits who love to work and hate to lose and that football is important to them. Is it possible to get a whole team of Travis Long's? That'd be something.