Harris Field gets a facelift

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Goodbye to the old Harris Field
LEWISTON, ID – The Harris Field that most of you have grown to know and love is on its way to be becoming a bigger and better field.

Well, maybe not bigger, but certainly better as Lewis-Clark State’s historic Harris Field is getting a facelift. Crews are currently tearing apart the baseball field as they prepare for a big upgrade, which includes resurfacing the entire field, making sure the field is completely level, installing a new irrigation system, and finishing with a re-sod. Sa of now, L-C Hopes to have the field done in around a month’s time, something school personnel are excited about.

"This community and the college take real pride in this facility and when we improved the lighting system was for the same reason, we wanted to maintain a championship standard and right now this surface needs to be redone to have a championship surface," said LCSC Athletic Director Gary Picone.

"Our players that are coming in, they're not only going to be able to leave a legacy, not only with the possibility of winning a national championship, but to be a part of putting this field in a whole other category in the northwest and it's something that's definitely going to be an honor for everybody," said LCSC Head Baseball Coach Jeremiah Robbins.

Warrior and Legion baseball fans, we hope you took a lot of pictures of the old Harris because the next time you see it, it is going to look like a whole new field.