Leach fans travel from Texas to Pullman to see him in action

Leach fans travel from Texas to Pullman to see him in action
PULLMAN, WA - Accusations or no accusations, Wazzu Coach Mike Leach to many is considered to be a fan favorite.

After coaching the Red Raiders of Texas Tech in 10 consecutive winning seasons, and breaking over 150 NCAA, Big 12, and school records during that time, Leach created quite the following. He led Texas Tech to five bowl wins, which was the most by any individual coach in the history of the program. Three years later, the pirate is on the sidelines of Washington state and fans are coming to see the captain in action once again.

"He's been a hero of mine since I was at Texas Tech in Lubbock," said fan Reeve Jackson. "I followed him the whole time he was there, and I'm really excited to see him back in action on the field where he belongs."

"I started learning more about him and his background and the fact that he is not a traditional football coach, he is an attorney," said fan Laura Jackson. "I don't even think he's ever played football and so it's just really neat to see somebody be so successful."

"He's gonna tell you exactly what's on his mind," said Reeve. "One of the best things about Mike Leach is, he doesn't pull any punches, he'll tell you directly what you need to hear."

Laura and Reeve Jackson are from Tyler Texas and were hoping Leach would pull off one of his come from behind victories that he was so well known for at Tech. Their trip to the Washington State/UCLA game was Laura's anniversary gift to Reeve.