Lewiston Roundup Extreme Bull event was all about bull riding

Lewiston Roundup Extreme Bull event was all about bull riding »Play Video
Some of the top riders in the country compete at Extreme Bull event.
LEWISTON, ID - People love rodeos around our area, but when people who don't know them very well think of the rodeo, they typically think it's all bull riding.

Well the 79th annual Lewiston Roundup may not just be bull riding as a whole, but Wednesday night, that is exactly all it was as the Xtreme Bulls event brought out the greatest cowboys in the world.

The thousands of fans in attendance were able to enjoy cowboys getting tossed by some of the strongest beasts that professional sports can offer. One thing that fans may not realize is they are enjoying some of the PRCA's finest, meaning not just the Pro Rodeo Cowboy Association's best riders, but some of the top riders on earth. People can come to the event having never seen a bull riding event and become a fan right away.

"Even people who don't know rodeo or maybe here for the weekend or the one night rodeo fan, they can come out and see the extreme bulls and see action like they may not see any other way." said Marketing Director Doug Barton. "You can watch it on TV but you're not going to see it like you see it when you're live here, and experience it and hear the announcers and see the action and see what the bulls are doing to the cowboys, see the clowns and the bullfighters doing what they do, it really is when you're here and you see it that really just makes all the difference."

All the fun of the Lewiston Roundup continues Thursday evening with family night! Make sure you're there and, obviously, bring the whole family!