Deer Park pulls ahead with win 34 against Clarkston 21

Deer Park pulls ahead with win 34 against Clarkston 21
CLARKSTON, WA - Friday night and we're nearing the end of prep football already!

That went way too fast. Anyway, let's get right to it. Starting off in Clarkston, it's Senior Night Friday evening and these proud parents joined their student athletes on their final home game of the season.

Deer Park starts off strong and aggressive as Dakota Spindler is gonna take this kickoff and cut it back to the left side of the field where he almost breaks away but is going to be pulled down eventually. We're going to see that shifty Spindler a little later on again.

First quarter still, the Bantams know how to run the ball also. Carson Holman has got some power as he runs over a defender before eventually being horse collared down. That's good for a 35 yard gain, but it's not going to be enough to get them a touch down.

Deer Park still has that run game going as Deer Park's Dakota Spindler takes a 66 yard run to the house for their first touchdown of the game. And Deer Park ends up winning this one 34-21.