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Deary Mustangs attain win over Kendrick 58-8

Deary Mustangs attain win over Kendrick 58-8
KENDRICK, ID - Over to Kendrick now, the Tigers were taking on the Deary High Mustangs on their home field.

This one's all Deary though starting out in the first half Deary with the ball, sneaky hand off to Par2 Jones, and he'll take off so fast we even lose him for a second but plenty of time to find him again as he'll take it all the way into the end zone for the touchdown.

And he's not even close to finished scoring for the Mustangs. Next play another smooth hand off to the senior running back, nice 15 yard run right in there, that'll put the Mustangs up 34 to zero, and they're just getting started.

This time it's a hand off to Senior Clayton Beyer. Kendrick having a hard time stopping Deary's running game as Beyer will run 52 yards for that touchdown. And they will continue to dominate as Deary goes on to take the win 58 to 8.
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