Cougs plan rebound after loss to Rutgers

Cougs plan rebound after loss to Rutgers »Play Video
The lack of defense allowed Scarlet Knights win over Cougs.
PULLMAN, WA - After an extremely disheartening loss, the Cougars are figuring out how to turn their program around.

And they better think of a way to rebound quickly, because the Washington State Football team was the only program in the Pac-12 North to lose it's first game of the season, as Cal, Stanford, Oregon, Oregon State, and Washington all got W's.

The Cougar's 41-38 loss was certainly an upset as the Scarlet Knights were underdogs, but a lack of defense throughout the game allowed them to come back late in the fourth.

Now as much as we all want to analyze what happened in depth, Coach Leach knows it's not that hard to figure out how to turn it around.

"We just gotta play better, stick together, work hard, cause we got a lot of good things," said Leach. "We just gotta make sure we can get it to the surface and one of the things is getting some guys to grow up quick and I think last week was a great step towards that. And I think most importantly we just gotta coach better. We gotta have the ability to get more out of each of our players, each position, each coach."

The Cougs will have their chance to rebound against Nevada this Friday at 7:30 p.m.