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Colville took a close one, 28-21

Colville took a close one, 28-21
PULLMAN, WA - Over to Pullman where the Colville Indians took on the Greyhounds.

Indians ball when quarterback Ben Knight tossed it off to Journy Young who ran it into the end zone. Colville took a 7-0 with 9½ minutes left in the first quarter.

Pullman ball, quarterback Mason Petrino handed off to David Ungerer who almost got into the end zone, but not quite. Couple of plays later they scored when Will Pitzer ran it up the middle and into the end zone. The extra point was good, which tied it at seven.

A couple minutes into the second, there was a hand-off to Colton Vining, who ran past the Greyhound defense and into the end zone for another Indian touchdown. The extra point was good. The final score was a big win for Colville as they took a close one, 28-21. Great last game of the regular season, gentlemen!
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