Coaches and friends will face off in Saturdays WSU vs Arizona match-up

Coaches and friends will face off in Saturdays WSU vs Arizona match-up »Play Video
Friendly competition
PULLMAN, WA - Playing any sport always seems to be a little more fun when you're playing against someone you know pretty well or might even be friends with. And the same goes for coaching!

When Washington State Football Head Coach Mike Leach takes his team into Tucson to take on the Arizona Wildcats this Saturday, Leach will be facing someone he is very familiar with on the other side of the field. They may not have played against each other before as head coaches, but Arizona Head Coach Rich Rodriguez and Mike Leach have been close for many years, as you can tell when talking about one another.

"Yeah, I know him well,” said Leach. “Yeah, good guy. And I’ve known him for a long time."

"Great guy, I’ve known him a long time, funny guy,” said Rodriguez. “He's got some guys that, one guy on his staff he used to play and work for me and some other guys that we know. Mike is a pioneer in what he's doing with that offense. It's fun to watch if we didn't have to play him."

"Just a good, solid football coach, he's been at it a long time, he's passionate about it," said Leach.

"And he can talk to you about anything too, if you haven't figured that out, Mike will talk to you about sports, politics, and everything else in between," said Rodriguez.

The two coaches will have their chance to catch up on the field early as the game will kickoff at 11:00 a.m. You'll be able to watch all the action on the PAC-12 network.