The Clancy Ellis family was honored before L-C Twins, Libby MT game

The Clancy Ellis family was honored before L-C Twins, Libby MT game »Play Video
Libby 8, LC Cubs 14
LEWISTON, ID - The Clancy Ellis Legion Tournament is in it's second day, and let's first take a moment to reflect on why this tournament is held.

Long time L-C Valley resident Clancy Ellis was the treasurer of the American Legion Post 14 for 35-years. He and his family have played a pivotal role in Legion baseball here in the valley, helping out in any way they can.

On Friday, of day two of the tournament, the Ellis family was honored before the L-C Twins took on a Legion team from Libby, Montana. It was an absolutely beautiful scene for everyone who came out to watch the game, and was very much appreciated by the Ellis family and all who attended. We learn a little more about Clancy from Legion member David Pint.

"Well it means a lot," said Pint. "Clancy volunteered for so many years and back in the day when transportation wasn't near as good as it is now, he would actually get two or three players and drive them to our of town tournaments, and stay there and drive them back."

Now as for the game, a big first inning, including a two-RBI triple from Chandler Tibbits, helped the Cubs do some major offensive damage against Libby, and L-C wins it, 14-8.

Tomorrow (Saturday, 7/12) the Cubs will play Meridian at 7:00 p.m. for a chance to play in Sunday's championship game at 5:00 p.m.