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LC women’s basketball dominates with 13 and 0 this season

LC women’s basketball dominates with 13 and 0 this season
LEWISTON, ID - Remember how last season went for the Lewis-Clark State Women's basketball program?

Well neither do they as they've drastically turned things around this season, posting an undefeated league record thus far. We take a mid-season look at the Warrior women and what is going so right.

The LCSC women Warriors are 13 and 0, with only two technical losses in exhibition games to division one schools. Last year they didn't get a win till their ninth game of the season. Where did this turnaround come from?

"It means we're winning, first of all, but second of all it just means that the bar keeps getting raised higher and higher," said LCSC Basketball guard, Brittaney Niebergall. "And so we just need to keep working towards that goal and keep winning cause that's what we're out here to do."

"We're playing awesome together, and we're playing confident with each other," said LCSC Basketball forward guard, Tanis Fuller. "I think that's the major thing is that, you know I've told the girls before that I've never lost faith in them if we've been down and I've never thought, oh gosh we're gonna lose this game, no, not once."

"Every member of this team is contributing," said LCSC Basketball guard, Caelyn Orlandi. "Our bench is contributing, our starters are contributing, everybody is doing something and I think that's really important."

And the team that wins together, has fun together.

"On and off the court, I mean our team, even when we're at practice running lines we somehow find a way to make it fun," said Niebergall. "And I think that makes us such an interesting and fun team to be a part of because we always try to enjoy ourselves whether that's out there working hard or out there winning."

And the winning comes easy as they balance that fun with a tough work ethic.

"I think if we keep working hard and everyone keeps doing what they can do," said Orlandi. "I think that's going to be the goal to keep on winning, just keep on working hard."

One of the big driving forces behind the team is their head coach, Brian Orr.

"We've for great kids, there's no doubt about it," said Orr. "They've all bought in, our upperclassmen all came back better players, they put in the time and effort of the summertime. And then we've hired some great freshmen, there's no doubt about it, we've got a great group."

"He gives us a lot of confidence, and he pushes us, and kinda keeps us humble, but then again keeps us still hungry," said Fuller.

Final thoughts on the Warriors through 13 regular season games...

"The expectation is kinda the same, is to win," said Niebergall. "I think we just go out there every game and just take it one game at a time and try to keep winning and that's the goal, that's why we keep playing."

"We expect to just keep winning, I'd say," said Fuller. "We play as hard as we have been and keep working at it then I think we're definitely gonna keep on winning and I have full faith in this team."

"Just keep getting better every single game," said Orlandi.

The undefeated women Warriors are taking a break in play for finals and the holidays and will travel to Las Vegas for the Las Vegas Shootout on Saturday, December 28th, where they will first take on the University of Alberta. Best of luck, Warriors!
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