A multitude of winning factors help CHS Boy’s Basketball team succeed

A multitude of winning factors help CHS Boy’s Basketball team succeed
CLARKSTON, WA - How do you make a winning team?

Sometimes it's pure coaching. Sometimes it's pure talent. Sometimes it's a combination of those two, and the players also just happened to have grown up together. The latter option is how the Clarkston High Boy's Basketball team has begun the season 10-1, and have a real chance of taking state this year.

There's an easy explanation to why the Clarkston Bantams boys basketball team has started out so hot this season.

"The kids that we have on the team practice extremely hard, they play unselfish," said CHS Boys Basketball Head coach, Justin Jones. "We try to just focus on not just the outcome, but the day to day process, and if we do the process right, we feel like the outcomes gonna speak for itself."

Last year, the Bantams went 16-8 and didn't get past regionals. This year, they're currently sitting at 10-1, and the players have noticed a difference.

"More passion, just...more basketball loving guys I guess," said junior CJ Johnson.

"This year, everybody's been playing so long at this level for a couple years," said senior Kage Sobotta.

There was another huge difference in last year's team.

"This year we just have a lot more energy when we play," said senior Carson Holman. "That's kind of been one of our focuses is, just play with a lot of energy."

"Last year's team, we really didn't have as much energy as this year's team does," said senior DePaul Blunt.

It also helps to be on a team with a bunch of good, fun kids.

"Our record is one thing, but I enjoy these kids," said coach Jones. "I enjoy coming to practice every single day. You know when it's fun and you work hard, good things happen."

"Yeah, we're definitely having fun," said Johnson.

"Oh yeah, that's easy," said Sobotta. "This is definitely the most fun team to play on."

"I just love playing with these guys," said Holman. "I mean most of these guys I've played with since third grade so it's just fun playing with these guys."

"They're my friends and I've been playing with them for awhile," said Blunt. "And I like playing sports with my friends and just going out and having fun."

There's been another winning factor for the Bantams...their fans.

"Come to one of our home games and it's just a great environment all the way from our band to our student section to our radio guys, everybody," said Jones.

"Being in front of our students, it's just such good crowds and stuff, it's so much fun," said Holman.

But despite all the fun they have, this 2014 Bantams squad has one ultimate goal.

"State championship, without a doubt," said Johnson.

"We wanna win state," said Sobotta.

"One goal and that's just to get to the state tournament," said Holman.

"We all wanna go to state," said Blunt.

"We just gotta get there," said Sobotta.

The 10-1 Clarkston Bantam boys headed north to take on the Pullman greyhounds last Friday night...let's see how it went!