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Burto Memorial Games support baseball program

Burto Memorial Games support baseball program
LEWISTON, ID - The American Legion is having their Annual Alumni Game this weekend, but for the past five years, it’s meant more to locals than just another get together.

Saturday will be the 5th Annual Josh “Burto” Burton Memorial Game.

Regardless of the sport, alumni games are a time when athletes of the past take on today’s athletes, all while having worn the same jerseys at one point. Saturday’s LC Twins alumni game will not only celebrate a storied American Legion program, but a life cut too short.

“Well the game is a memorial game in honor of my son,” said Josh Burton’s father Bruce Burton. “And it’s more than just the game, it’s about a program.”

Bruce’s son Josh, who was lovingly known as “Burto” by his teammates, had his life tragically taken away in a car crash when he was only 24-years-old.

“Well Josh was on the team that played for the World Series,” said Bruce Burton. “So him and his teammates, you know there is probably isn’t one of them that didn’t go on to play college ball.”

And now, the Burton family wants to give back for everything the Twins did for them.

“It’s an important thing for us to support that program, what it’s done for our boys Brian and, of course, Joshua,” said Bruce Burton. “Both of them played in the program, so this is somewhat a way to payback the program.”

The 5th Annual Burto Memorial and Alumni Game raises money to do just that, give back to the program.

“We’ve given away $7,500 in scholarships so far, so this year will mark $9,000 in scholarships given out,” said Bruce Burton.

The scholarship money will go to a Twins player who will be going to college and playing baseball. In addition to helping this great cause, it’s a chance for ex-players to prove they can still play!

So come out and support the life of a great ball player and human being whose life was tragically cut short, while supporting the future of your LC Twins.

“It’s amazing that the community still remembers and supports Josh and we’d love to see a lot more alumni in the stands,” said Bruce Burton. “Even though they don’t want to be on the field, we would like to recognize every alumnus in the Valley because they’re so important to the program and the community.”

A big thank you to Bruce Burton for sharing such a sensitive subject with us. Make sure to get to Harris Field this Saturday at 6:00 p.m. for the 5th Annual Josh “Burto” Burton Memorial and Alumni Game. Proceeds will go to help a current and future LC Twins player fulfill their athletic and educational dreams.
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